Is definitely Tinder all the way down? ute earlier: Tinder try a location-based social google cell phone app tha

latest changed a short while previously: Tinder try a location-based sociable research cell phone application that encourages connections between collectively fascinated customers, permitting paired customers to chat. The app happens to be most often employed as a dating software.

No troubles identified at Tinder

Tinder difficulty in the last 1 day

At the moment, we haven’t discovered any issues at Tinder. Do you think you’re having issues or an outage? Depart a note within the opinions section!

The Majority Of Stated Challenges:

all Ia€™m expressing is check in on tinder examine the 27 to 37 age group alcohol freak people w 2 various newly born baby daddies and a job dealing with large schoolers and crackheads at a jack in the box this could be for you personally 1 lady a€?mena€? really love run off, your daily life will ending, dona€™t spend they in a single ***

cosmo a€?acaba€™ bones (@cosmob0nes) reported 9 time ago

Exactly why do guys on tinder carry telling me personally I a€?look like troublea€™

Ulysses Spam (@peedintheshower) documented 9 hrs ago

Tinder girls need you to definitely become mean in their mind. Dilemma is, Ia€™m a pretty good chap,

quentin (@quentinhoooo) described 12 several hours ago

My tinder might damaged for months Ia€™m crying

emily (@manuelHighlife) stated 14 hrs back

@ShouldBeRichard @Tinder Binaryunlock on Instagram will allow you to correct your bank account

(a??A?a€?`) (@narrownostrils) claimed 14 time in the past

not on tinder looking lift ups but really on tinder shopping for a person to correct the rubbish removal

a€?alliea€? 2.0 (@lactaidlover888) said 15 hrs ago

i think it really is a good thing that ia€™m banned from tinder bc the last hours i caved in and redownloaded a random dude superliked myself then i went on what i imagined at the moment got the very best go steady of living immediately after which I acquired my heart broken over-and-over for 12 months

Chris (@BodakBoca) reported 15 many hours ago

@JohnnyNeff Gay guy. All that you create are crash autos and swipe lead on Tinder.

sad bih (@brutalfvck) stated 16 hours ago

chatted to summarize guy on tinder for two hours and ia€™m convinced ia€™m in love. needs to think ia€™m the situation ?Y¤”

vinny (@pabstbluemeg) documented 17 days before

do tinder determine they usually have any outcome app style actually or can they simply pretend as it willna€™t fail every 4 minutes

@DOMOCAPITAL No, but because Tinder doesna€™t have liquidity troubles.

Sort (@SassyRedpants) revealed 17 many hours back

I will build a tinder in my own visibility it’s going to have “I REALLY DO N’T HAVE ANY CELEBRITY CONFLICTS LEGO SIZES” “I DETEST WALNUT SYRUP” “I’VE NEVER DIED IN A FAKE vehicles CRASH” If you get the reasons why I mentioned this consider I really enjoy one

CrewshA?la™– (@Crewshul) said 18 hrs ago

i placed on fancy 20 projects smashed as well babe whos wiped this lady tinder 100 periods i extremely like every time she comes back was actually functioning lol

G?YZ€ (@kinkylittlepea1) documented 18 many hours ago

Query for Online SWers: Do designers will often have a legal contract for operating w non professional collaborators? model tinder dates that a€?want in order to make contenta€? In this case precisely what do you normally build they? I want to prepare one so I can exploit the slutty document vaccine state

adventurer smaller (@arloschneider) documented 18 days ago

kollin with a k try a girl i paired with on tinder fresher seasons that i earned observe oh hello with me in my own dorm space for fifteen minutes before knowing he or she seemed just like the youngster I would just separated with the i generated my friend talk to him to leave but the man kept his sweatshirt

chichikk (@ChichikkWow) stated 19 several hours ago

We cana€™t accomplish tinder any longer I simply want to encounter someone while working at your yard shop career which falls obsessed about myself like ia€™m in a florist AU on Ao3

a??conna?? (@connkavanaghxo) documented 19 time ago

the volume of circumstances ia€™ve lied to men on tinder saying I became doing university assignments once ia€™m actually lying in bed meals my personal body weight in provisions

Anaida?‹?Y?? (@cheekennoogets) revealed 21 several hours ago

Your ex unmatched with me on tinder right now. mean hea€™s eventually shifting, hea€™s ultimately a relationship once more. He or she shouldna€™t be able to be happy when he put me personally very shattered.

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toradora the explorer (@baileyzindel) described 21 plenty ago

I would like to create a tinder page with great care I am able to established my personal biography as a€?aromantic but perhaps you can hit mea€?

Miguel17_SexyMF (@Miguel17_IDGAF) documented 23 weeks earlier

You will find a bug on Tinder if you added your own biography a€?I got a Big ****a€? ita€™ll go well with one up with a number of girls. Like legit they need to fix that ?Y?¤

WazzaTheWasp?Y?? (@WarrenHobbs88) noted 23 days in the past

@J4CKMULL we note that tinder advanced is doing work

pitboy (@MRD4LE) described 23 plenty ago

The catboy picture of pitbull hasn’t had my favorite tinder know more complements I believe this thing are destroyed

KASIzY (@bitpixi) revealed 23 weeks back

When Duncan was actually functioning and canna€™t pick a programming response on StackOverflow, however get our Tinder, right-swipe on the engineers to inquire of it and would have the address much faster than he would wondering his partners. This is one way you employ a womana€™s reply-guys on-line.

an (@an57617937) revealed yesterday


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