Exactly what a Greek Prophet Can inform us About Sex

For who is intercourse more enjoyable, women or men? And in the event that you needed to, which may you forgo for per year, sex — or bacon?

The answers rely not just on that you ask, but additionally on just what you mean precisely by intercourse (and just how you’re feeling about bacon).

As somebody who’s had sex both as a person and also as a woman — I’m trans, needless to say myself, even though there are times, given the complexity of the journey, I’d rather have been spared some of this insight— I can probably shed some light on this debate. It’s the whole story of my entire life: constantly the test, never ever the control.

To explore these concerns, we consulted two dependable sources: contemporary technology and Greek mythology. First, let’s consider the legend of Tiresias — the prophet whom, because of an altercation with a few magical snakes, had been changed into a female for seven years. A while later, Zeus and Hera asked Tiresias to be in a dispute on the concern of who had more pleasure during intercourse. Whenever Tiresias responded that intercourse ended up being nine times better for ladies than guys, Hera had been therefore enraged that she blinded him.

Zeus, feeling only a little bad in regards to the situation, provided Tiresias the consolation awards of prophecy and long life.

The thing which have constantly confused me personally about any of it tale would be the fact that Zeus and Hera had been therefore sure that it had been the opposing intercourse, and never unique, that has been having more pleasurable. Continue reading