Chinese Table Tennis Legend Suspended Over Gambling Debts with Sands Casino in Singapore

One of the best players into the reputation for table tennis found himself in the worldwide spotlight this week, not for his accomplishments in table tennis, but instead for their apparent failures at the tables in a casino.

Kong Linghui ended up being just like the Michael Jordan of ping pong, a likeness even to the position which he allegedly got himself in gambling troubles.

Kong Linghui, advisor of the Chinese ladies’ table tennis team, ended up being summoned on Monday to return to China simply as the 2017 World Table Tennis Championships had been getting underway in Germany. He’s been suspended from the team in the wake of a scandal over gambling debts.

Kong, a 41-year-old former champion considered one of the biggest players in the annals associated with the game, was called in a lawsuit filed in Hong Kong that alleged he stiffed the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Casino in 2015 on almost $720,000 in markers.

Alleged Debts and Gambling Regrets

A popular Chinese social media site, to explain that the debts weren’t his on Tuesday, Kong posted on Weibo. He said the casino was visited by him in Lion City, Singapore, with friends and family, and used his personal credit line so they could play while he ‘sat and observed.’

‘It is only until today after news reports have exposed the incident that I discovered some body had left some debt unsettled aided by the casino,’ he stated in a statem Continue reading