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Basics of Extra Sources

Extra sources are defined compared to sources which are main. A writer shares his / her initial research—whether it is research study findings, test outcomes, interview materials, or medical observations in a source that is primary. However, in a supply that is additional a author is targeted on presenting other scholars’ research, such as for instance in a literary works review.

Whenever attempting to differentiate from a primary and supply that is additional you will have to think of:

  • Who initially made the discoveries or brought the conclusions in this document to light?
  • D
  • Or maybe may be the writer recounting the work of other authors?

For further assistance with determining the essential difference between main and extra sources, see Walden Library’s “Evaluating Resources: main & Secondary Sources” page.

Citing A supply in the supply

In APA, extra sources often relate solely to sources discovered within other sources. Continue reading

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