A beneficial Muslim guy try permitted to get married a good Religious or an effective Jewish girl in short-term marriage

For a person which usually do not recite new formula from relationship during the Arabic, it’s permissible to say this for the a words that would convey the meaning out of relationship, though he can designate anyone to state they during the Arabic.

Based on safety measure, it is obligatory to abstain from marrying a low-Muslim lady inside long lasting matrimony. A good Muslim son is not permitted to get married, neither permanently neither temporarily a non-Muslim girl who is not one of Ahlul Kitab. Considering required precaution, a beneficial Muslim boy need avoid marrying a beneficial Zoroastrian lady, also briefly. As for an effective Muslim lady, she is banned in order to wed a non-Muslim boy at all. (See the concern-answer section below.)

Inside marrying an effective virgin woman, whether Muslim or out of Ahlul Kitab, it is necessary to obtain the concur of the lady father otherwise paternal pops, if the she’s perhaps not separate. Continue reading