The metropolis of Senghor was an interface towards the Bay out of Senghor, that is the main Fever Sea

It’s on the western end of peninsula called the newest Kaava Places throughout the south Mwangi Expanse. New Kaava is an excellent pygmy group of kech.


Inside the 2603 AR, whenever Caldaru buyers basic came to Garund off their indigenous Arcadia, people away from regional Boali asked them and provided them a beneficial parcel to decide on. Brand new Caldarus dependent the city off Senghor about house and you will produced relationships alliances towards the partners surviving Boali younger nobles.

From inside the 2618 AR, after the individuals of Senghor unearthed that Boali cultists was indeed losing young adults inside Ghol-Gani spoils, they razed Boali, conducted the fresh cultists, and you may rescued do-become sufferers. Perception bad for breaking Boali’s hospitality, they then got in lot of Boali youngsters. The storyline possess due to the fact passed toward legend, destroyed by all but a little cabal whoever people try coached to fight cult rebirth.


This new city’s principal people will be Caldaru, even though they commonly actually the really several of the numerous human communities who happen to live here.


The city’s harbour is an architectural work of art, capable withstand both genuine impression away from storms originating when you look at the Eye away from Abendego additionally the unrealistic experiences regarding an effective enormous naval violence because of the certain up to now unknown enemy. Continue reading