Here in New Zealand the highest population of immigrant sex workers are Chinese women

They will withhold sex as a form of punishment

This article was written by a Chinese man btw. China is producing iron maidens today because of the one child policy and also because of the responsibilities of taking care of parents or other family members as a solo child or only girl child. The other issue is material focus or wealth. Most the Chinese mainland women I meet, over 60% will run over me or compete with me to get anything. This self-focusness has become destructive and due to it, i find most Chinese women narcissistic and totally selfish, even more so if they have a family to care for or think about. Chinese-Malay, Chinese-Filipino, Vietnamese-Chinese, Chinese-Indonesian or Taiwanese and Chinese raised in the West are not so much like this to the same extent as Chinese from mainland China. The effects of communism are real. I also have to say that the manners of most mainland Chinese are poor. Its reelly disappointing – this with the self-drive to get ahead are unbearable for me to deal with. Some of the older Chinese women still have class or refinement but those days are over and East meets West only feeds the selfi-driven monster to materially get ahead and only think of themselves or themselves and their family. Substance of chatacter and skills is a past-time today as the real China has been lost. I think this gives a good indication of tje self-drive to get ahead and to do whatever it takes to get there- even if that means to sell yourself and your dignity along with it. Continue reading