Survivor becomes The Tony Vlachos show, for better and more serious

A roller coaster of Tony took us for a wild trip, and caused it to be an easy task to forget one of several worst suggestions to make its means into Survivor.

Survivor behind the scenes: 13 facts and secrets

13 deep dives into exactly how Survivor works behind the scenes, from casting towards the theme track, the guideline guide to Jeff Probst’s tops.

Making the Cut’s clothes out of stock: harmful to a “shoppable” series but beneficial to developers

Making the Cut ended up being pitched as a “instantly shoppable series,” but the majority buyers have already been not able to get some of the developers winning appears on Amazon, because they out of stock nearly straight away.

At-home 90 Day Fiance and Triple D, Earth Day marathons, along with other truth television premieres

Additionally premiering this week: Celebrity Drag Race; a show with Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka OРІР‚в„ўHara, and Shangela; plus the premiere of Jane Goodall: The Hope.


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