With vote nearing on Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s student loan debt refinancing bill, President Barack Obama offers up his support

On Monday, U.S. Sen. On Saturday, Obama dedicated his weekly address to the topic, hinting that he would take some sort of action to provide relief in the coming week. (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

WASHINGTON – With President Barack Obama set to officially endorse Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act on Monday, the commander in chief dedicated his weekly address to highlighting the bill and the problem of college debt dragging down the next generation. Continue reading

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The people health scenario triggered by the pandemic in Southern produces led to situation and the majority of fatalities now, while furthermore wreaking havoc definitely economic. Jobless cost posses really skyrocketed the need for visitors is really ballooning and most one fourth of families whenever you check out the county now face the chance of eviction or house foreclosures.The crisis enjoys particularly impacted com of tone, that is certainly encountering much more fatalities and problems and also financial problem apart from just what White com is coping with. Continue reading