Tom Steyer is dedicated to climate that is combating, repairing our federal government, and, whenever elected president, placing individuals, and never corporations, in control of our democracy.

After beginning and growing a effective investment company, Tom stepped down in 2012 to concentrate his power and resources to those reasons.

Offering Pledge

Tom, a self-made billionaire, and his wife, Kathryn Taylor, referred to as “Kat, ” had been among the first to signal the Giving Pledge — a consignment to give the bulk away of the individual fortune throughout their lifetimes.

Grassroots Organizing

A nonprofit group that combats climate change, promotes social justice, and increases participation in our democracy through voter registration and grassroots organizing in 2013, he founded NextGen America.

“Steyer’s youth voter turnout campaign ended up being critical and most most likely helped Democrats get back the House. ”

In 2017, Tom became the very first major Democrat to rally an incredible number of Us citizens having a call that is public impeach Donald Trump.

Want to Impeach mobilized scores of its petition signers. Every one of these voters contributed to Democratic victories that took straight right back the House, won Senate seats and governorships, and captured seats in state legislatures and races that are local.

Top Priorities

“We need the broadest democracy feasible, ” Tom says, “to take right back our government through the corporations that now get a grip on it and also check this have taken the liberties of everyday People in the us. Continue reading