How to approach divorce proceedings as soon as your husband had affairs

We’re negotiating our divorce or separation settlement and I also think i will be paid for losing the grouped family i desired. My better half cheated, decided to go out of, and we now skip my children half the time and do not have genuine household.

I am therefore pissed i need to pay alimony! He had been unfaithful — exactly how is the fact that reasonable!?

He moved in along with his gf — the main one the affair was had by him with. We will not be nice to her and don’t want my children subjected to her. This woman is a terrible person!

We be sure I do not obtain a raise so he can need certainly to keep spending alimony. This way, he does not log off the hook — my better half cheated, proceeded to help make a lot more money than i really do. He has to be punished.

For the record, my ex-husband did not cheat on me personally. Continue reading