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EASTERN Cape engineer Kevin Kwinana paid lobola for their designer spouse, Thabo Makhetha, and though they truly became happy with their tradition throughout the procedure, Thabo points down that in lots of other communities the section of greed has altered this is of lobola.

“We’ve been endowed with wonderful families that have made us excited to start this new chapter of our life. We don’t think the custom that is traditional outdated at all, but alternatively gets mistreated,” Thabo said.

“In numerous communities, the greater the woman is educated, the greater the potential spouse is anticipated to spend.

“In numerous instances, it will be the guy whom pays the bride-price (he’s not often yet that is financially able on various circumstances). We see this because unfair!

“With Basotho the sheer number of cattle is fixed. They go through so it’s 20 per bride non-negotiable, however Xhosa people have a negotiation process. The cost per cattle is negotiated. When they agreed upon the total amount payable, a payment that is up-front made and then a welcome ceremony is ready to welcome the groom,” Thabo stated. Continue reading