Intercourse into the Pews. Celebrating Sex / Exposing Religion

#243 – Turned Tables – Glenn Klein Interviewed by Derrick Day

Recently Glenn guested on Derrick Day’s podcast “Love Forward”, and now we thought the Choir and you striking Humans would enjoy hearing the tables being fired up our host into the Pews.

The episode commences with a conversation of the way the two podcaster colleagues met, just how upon conference they disagreed so agreeably, the structure regarding the Coach’s parent company Life and Pleasure correspondence, LLC, exactly what precisely “toxic-free masculinity is, exactly just exactly how humanity pornstar gets better as of this thing, just just how morality just isn’t absolute and contains developed, the initial exemplory case of the male-female powerful, Dr. Suzy Block’s bonobo monkeys, genital mutilation, why Jesus created masturbation, Glenn’s spiritual sojourn, one thing he told their grandchildren, a prayer which has had never ever been uttered, two edges of each coin, plus much more! It ain’t planning to be boring.

Effective and poignant adult content, understanding, humor and spirituality. NSFW or kids. A percentage of most profits donated to combat sex that is human trafficking and genital mutilation.

#242 – I’m Out with Eric Eaton

RN, model and another of Glenn’s “boys”, Eric Eaton makes a phenomenal in individual return when you look at the Pews. Continue reading