So just how frequently does he have intercourse on his brain?

As Channel 4’s Jon Snow admits he meets a woman, we reveal the truth about our carnal urges that he thinks about sex every time

Guys, we all know, come from Mars, and ladies are from Venus. Mars, in this metaphor, is a spot of carnal obsession and psychological autism; a earth whose inhabitants think of sex every seven moments and obtain in battles on a regular basis. Venus, in contrast, is just a warm and hospitable host to social connection and empathy, although not a lot of sex. So that the wisdom that is popular it.

Jon Snow, the Channel 4 newsreader, is from Mars. “Sex makes every assessment of a lady, there’s without doubt about any of it,” he stated in an interview a week ago. Each and every time he fulfills a girl, he weighs her up as a prospective intimate partner, and, he believes, other guys perform some exact exact exact same. “It’s an animal that is natural of sustaining life.”

As being a man that is happily married with several feminine friends and peers, it could possibly be imprudent of us to comment. However the Mars-and-Venus label, the intimately voracious man and also the demure woman, includes a strong hold. Exactly exactly How accurate can it be?

You will find apparent evolutionary main reasons why gents and ladies might have various approaches with regards to intercourse; why a person whom behaved in a way that is certain have a much a lot of descendants, but a lady whom behaved exactly the same way wouldn’t normally. Women and men are similar in lots of ways, however they are frequently different in a single: their organs that are sexual. Continue reading