After retiring from politics, she stayed energetic when you look at the Icelandic women’s liberation motion

Iceland Bride

At the least small females and grown ladies will realize that it is achievable to make into president. 2016 threw several Icelandic women in to the worldwide limelight, for several forms of various reasons. We had written a blog regarding the Icelandic MP that breastfed her infant during congress (nevertheless We disagree along side her utterly on what she had been addressing in congress) and about skip Iceland whom stop a magnificence pageant after being informed she needed to carry on a food program.


An astounding ninety p. C of Iceland’s feminine populace ended up for the 1975 protest. In place of calling it a hit, which can have alienated the country’s extra conservative girls (“because to take a hit ended up being a tremendously leftie element to do, ” stated Omarsdottir), the afternoon was referred to as Kvennafridagurinn, which means “girls’s time off, ” a notion all women may get behind.

During the last ten years, the nation of approximately 350,000 people has topped the planet Economic Forum’s yearly gender gap report, which ranks nations’ progress towards sex equality throughout areas as well as economic involvement, political illustration, training and well being. Continue reading